Created at Tuxedo Cat in Melbourne, Stamptown Comedy Night is a late-night variety show for the people, featuring the funniest and most innovative performers on the international comedy circuit. This show has sold out rooms in London, Edinburgh, Melbourne and LA.

Hosted by Kyle Legacy and Big Daddy Bong Lord
Music by Thumpasaurus

Past acts include...

Dr. Brown, Trygve Wakenshaw, Mae Martin, Tom Ballard
Neal Portenza, Demi Lardner, AJ Holmes, Seymour Mace
Josh Glanc, Double Denim, Marcel Lucont, Tom Walker
Penny Greenhalgh, Aaron Chen, Rhi Down, Zach & Viggo
Nath Valvo, Spencer Jones, Shirley Gnome, Sam Campbell
Natalie Palamides, Barnie Duncan, Simon Taylor and MORE